Martial Activities

Canton Martial Practices can include:

Armored Youth for ages 5 – 17

Armored Adult 18+ or 16+ with proper authorization

Armored Combat:
Armored combat is fought between individuals, groups (melee) and large groups (wars). Generally speaking the object is to strike your opponent hard enough that had it been a real weapon it would have wounded or killed your opponent depending on where it landed. The target areas are everything 1 inch above the knee and 1 inch above the wrist. Weapons are made of rattan wood, and combatants are fully armored, with head and face completely covered and protected by a steel helmet.
Here are examples of SCA armored Combat:

Rapier Combat:
Rapier combat is also fought between individuals, groups (melee) and large groups (wars). Combatants use a heavy German practice fencing blade called a schlager. Rapier combatants’ armor is less stringent than armored combatants. The target is the entire body, and they are required to wear at least a 3-way weapon approved fencing mask.
Here are examples of SCA Rapier combat:

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