The Canton of Salesberie Glen is proud to be the sponsor of the Barony of Sacred Stone and the Barony of Hawkwood’s:

2017 Interbaronial Cavalry Practice

Cavalry   Armored Fighting   Rapier Fighting   Siege Weapons   Archery    Thrown Weapons     ALL WELCOME!

March 25        April 15         August 5         September 16

All practices are held at the Van Hoy Family Campground
742 Jericho Rd, Union Grove, North Carolina 28634

All practices will be open for horses to be on site between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, however, the activities at each practice will vary. Please contact Lord Von or Baroness Beatrice 803-646-6441 to get information about the schedule for each practice.

Early arrival and overnight camping is available upon request.

Cost:   Day trip  $5.00 per person, 10 and under free
Overnight camping – $10.00 per campsite
Electric hookup – $20.00 per campsite
Swimming pool – $5.00 per person

The Van Hoy Family Campground requires proof of aa current negative Coggins test on each horse being brought on site.